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This Is As Exciting For Us, As It Is For You!  There Are Companies That Sell Leads With This Method For Exhorbitant Fees. Not With Us. We Launch Your Very Own Call Ad Campaign For 'Way Less'.

  Targets Buyers Immediately

With Targeted Google Ads,  Buyers Call You. We Structure Your Ad With Hidden InformationThat Will Prompt Calls To Your Business.  A Proven Formula.

​​​​​​​  Less Cost Per Call

The Cost-Per-Call  Is Much Less From Us, Than Calls From A Lead Vendor. With Our Ad Structure, You'll Be Getting Direct Calls With Your Own Campaign At A Way Lesser Cost. Well Worth It.

​​​​​​​  No Contract

No Contract To Sign. A Month To Month Agreement Is Best For Both Parties Involved. You See Results, And Simply Continue On A Month To Month. That Pretty Much Sums It Up. 

Pay Per Call Ads, Explained

We Are Also An Exposure Agency, And Provide Google Listing Management.  To Show Up At Top In Search Organically, Is Very Effective, As It Shows Everyone That You Are An Ethical Business. However, It Takes Time To Repair A Google Listing That Hasn't Been Structured Properly, And To Do What It Takes To Get Your Website To Show Up In Google Search. However, Our Structured Ads Can Give You Fast Results. We Manage Your Account.  You Choose The Radius Proximity Around Your Business, And Times You Want The Ad To Run. Example: 8 AM - 5 PM. We Choose Key-Words And Eliminate Negative Default Key-Words (important).  As Well, We May Provide An Attractive Domain Name To Forward To The Page Of Your Choice On Your Website. Or We Can Create An Effective Advertisement Type Landing-Page For You, Quickly. Text 778.885.0341 for exciting details!​​​​​​​​  

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Interesting Facts

 Google makes up a whopping 78.1%  While Facebook is only 6.1%. When consumers seek anything, they Google it!

​​​​​​​And we think you'll agree that you also do the same. Youtube is also owned by Google, and is the second largest search engine.


Google's Market Share


Facebook's Market Share

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